Project Overview

The City of Newport Beach Public Works Department will complete the planned replacement of the 85-year-old Park Avenue Bridge over the Grand Canal from Marine Avenue to Abalone Avenue. The replacement bridge will maintain access to and from the two Balboa Islands.

Improvements of the project include:

* Replacement Bridge will look similar to the existing bridge.
* Traffic lanes will be 1-foot wider.
* Sidewalks will be 2-feet wider.
* Staircase will be on both ends of the bridge for direct access from the Canal Promenade.
* Existing bridge monument sign will be refurnished and reinstalled at its current location.

Benefits of the project include:

* Enhanced safety
* Improved traffic and pedestrian access
* Improved navigation under the bridge with the reduced number of pile bents.


Start of Construction:

March 21, 2016

Installation of Utility Crossing:

Early April 2016

Open Temporary Steel Bridge:

Early June 2016

Closure of Park Ave Bridge:

Early June 2016

Demolish Park Ave Bridge:

Through Late-June 2016

Cost (Construction): 



Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Highway Bridge Program 


John S. Meek Company

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